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Additionally, don’t misuse science and technology for wrongdoings. But, as time changed, many diseases arose and today in every house at lease one person is surrounded by diseases. This is why, you can say that science and technology are not only a boon but also a bad master. Well, science and technology have proved to be a boon for us, but there is also a dark side of them. We hope you like this post about essay on Science and technology in English. We are very glad to help the students to do their homework in an effective way.

In the department of transportation and telecommunication, we observe discernible development. Physical distance is no longer an obstacle thanks to the internet and the metro network. Every aspect of our lives has received a virtual makeover because of them. The field of medical care has made significant advancements due to the progress of science.

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Hence, electricity is also a big invention by science and technology. All these are related to only medical field but there are also other fields in which lakhs of machines are being used by us to make our work easier. A few decades ago, people were independent and unaware cmc coaching indore of science and technology. In other words, they affected many fields such as medical, education, business etc. Communication technology has made it easier and faster to connect with others, opening up new opportunities for business, education, and social interaction.

Science is the study of the natural world by scientific method i.e. collecting data through a systematic process. And technology is where we apply science to create devices that can solve problems and perform different tasks. Technological progress has decreased reliance on natural resources and boosted human efficiency by using machines. Quick technological advancements worldwide have resulted in better work output. We can get connected with people easily and have been able to send photos, videos, and doing video chat with less effort.

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Even whenever we feel hot or need to cold water, we use electricity to fulfill our needs using some electronic equipment. If electricity were not there, we would not have been able to invent and run electronic equipment. Today, we have x-ray machine, ECG & EEG machines, dialyzer, Endoscope, enema equipment, many types of scissors, thermometer, ventilator, electrocardiograph, oxygen mask and tubes etc. The use of all these electronic equipment and gadgets has been increased so much that they have become a part of our life. They never contemplated things such as flying in the air, travelling in high speed trains, going on planets, using advanced weapons and machines etc. Or you can say that they have completely changed our lifestyle.

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In ancient times people considered the moon or the sky as God. India is aggressively working towards establishing itself as a leader in industrialisation and technological development. Significant developments in the nuclear energy sector are likely as India looks to expand its nuclear capacity. Moreover, nanotechnology is expected to transform India’s pharmaceutical industry.

The application of both science and technology starts from the bit and reaches to everything in our life. Furthermore, if we consider the situation involving transportation, we see that science and technology also play a significant part in this case. Thanks to improving technology, we can travel to various parts of the world within hours. Science and technology have made it possible for a man to look beyond the Earth. The exact science and technology have enabled the establishment of satellites in orbit and the finding of new planets.

Technology is the creation, alteration, or modification of the natural environment to fulfil reportedly unsatisfied human desires and needs. Here are a few sample essays on the topic ‘science and technology’. The most important aspect of the world today is using science to improve the human condition. Scientific discoveries should be turned into technological innovation and developed to make significant improvements in human life. Modern science in India has made people aware of their constant and hard efforts by the scientists.

But we cannot deny the benefits of science and technology in our daily lives. On the other hand, the internet has made a remarkable change in the field of communication and information, and technology as well. Here are a few essays on science and technology along with a speech on science and technology. These essays can also be used to prepare a paragraph on science and technology.